Company Background

Batam Plastik Was first establish in Batam in 1996 by Mr. Sukino. It was an extension to former family business also manufacturing Plastic Bags from Tg. Pinang. It’s relatively good business until the 1998 Asian Financial Crisis struct. Batam Plastik was not spared from this Crisis, it took us few years to get on our feet. But it is through this crisis that we realized that our business needs diversify from only one type of product into incorporating many types of product that suit our customer needs. It was then in 2003 we ventured into different types of product starting from Packaging Machines into later on Bakery Machines, Oven and eventually light Home Industry Machinery.

Our Business is always about communicating with customer to finding their needs. We also believe in honesty and sincerity in providing after sales service.

Our Vision

giving suppliers the tools necessary to reach a global audience for their products, and by helping buyers find products and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

Mision Statement

The Company’s objective is to be a customer’s first choice for products and services in the categories offered, in the markets in which the Company operates. The Company’s strategy is to achieve this objective through excellent customer service, an extensive breadth and depth of assortment, everyday low prices, and introduction of new merchandising offerings, supported by the continuous development and improvement of our infrastructure.

Our Clients

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